Job Karneki Jarurat hi Kya hai

Love at first sight. Yes, Yami’s heart confirmed it. Rohit is the man. That subtle smile and strongly built body had made her heart skip a beat the moment she saw him.

It was a dream come true, when he had proposed her at the end of her engineering term. He was working with a software company and was the brother of her friend. So, she knew her parents wouldn’t say a no afterall she was the apple of their eyes.

The boy’s family came over and Yami could feel butterflies in her stomach. She was confirmed they would be married by the end of the year.

Both the families were laughing and discussing their lives. And All was well until Yami and her mother went inside to get homemade snacks and tea.

When they returned, Yami noticed a tense expression on her father’s face and it didn’t change till the boy’s family left their place.

“Papa?” she called out to know her father’s response.
He finished his last sip of tea and asked, “Have you started preparing for MBA?”
“No, why?” she asked, furrowing her brows.
“Do soon and say no to him,” he ordered and before she could ask him why, he asked her to get a glass of water from the kitchen.

Yami stomped her foot hard and marched inside, and heard her mother ask, “why what’s the problem?”
She stood rooted behind the door, listening to their talk.
“Till today, I have given my best to her,” cradling his arms, he said, “she was much smaller for my arms when I had held her. She looked delicate and precious. I promised her, I will give her the best of upbringing, study, career and..…the right man.”
Her mother asked in a whisper, “what did they ask?”
“Job Karneki Jarutat hi kya hai. She will sit and eat happily, we have everything and our boy is earning too well,” he said with a smirk.

There was a moment of silence. A strong one, Yami wished her mother asked what’s wrong with that, but her mother didn’t ask. She let out a sigh and took a step to go in and ask.
But she pulled her step back, when she heard her father say, “if she doesn’t work and earn for herself, how will she know the value of being an independent woman.”
Her mother asked, “didn’t Rohit say anything?”
“Not a word,” her father snapped.
“Don’t know how she will take this decision of yours,” her mother cried.
“Don’t worry, she will understand my decision. She is my daughter and she will find someone who is broadminded and has a voice of his own. If she doesn’t find one, we are always there for her,” said her father.

Yami knew whatever her parents decided was out of love, but they didn’t understand how much she loved Rohit.
She marched inside her room, picked up her phone to message with a thought, why didn’t they ask Rohit if he didn’t speak about it.
“I want to work after marriage, ” she messaged him and waited until her screen blinked showing a message from him.
“We will work it out later, first you remain at home for few years, then you can work when we shift outside India,” the message came from Rohit.
“What’s wrong with working in India?” she messaged him back.
“None of the females in my family work, so my family will not agree” was the reply.

She was shocked reading messages and then realized how true her parents were, Rohit will never speak for her and she could feel, for him it doesn’t make a difference if she works or not.
There was pain in her eyes that began to pour out and then realization filled her in and making those tears stop.

10 years later,

The newsroom blinked to life with guest of the show taking her seat.
“Yami Gupta, the CEO of SHESCAPE, the lady who crafted jobs portal that helps thousands of women who leave their job after kids or undergo problems for job seeking… How was the journey so far?”asked the Anchor.
“ Inspirational,” shouted the audience, the major portion of them were her company employees and Yami blushed with the response.
“It was a blessed one,” she said, smiling confidently and looking at her employees sitting infront of her.

“So whom do you credit for all your success?”
There was a pause from Yami then she said, “It was all because of just one moment, where I chose Independence before love.”
“My father told me, marry someone who knows the value of your independence and liberty. I followed it, and the result is this Yami, who is sitting here. It is because of my Father’s words and my husband’s support that I could establish this company.”

The audience clapped, but her heart filled with pride imagining her parents sitting infront of the TV and watching her speak and inspiring many girls, who are asked Job karne ki jarurat hi kya hai.

If there are obligations and someone cannot work, it is fine, but what about those who wish to work and are pressurized by family not to work. Freedom is equally dear to each one of us. It is not right to take it away citing responsibilities need to be met.

Standing on your own feet, gives you the power to speak and take decisions that you could never take if you are not independent.
For Yami, she had her father who stood up for her independence but for those who have no backup. Speak up and let everyone know what you want.

The story of A Hiccup in Love is one such story, where a girl creates her own destiny when she faced problems in life.





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