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When we watch a movie or read a story, we wish to enjoy the moment and relive the imaginary scene before our eyes.

Early morning I was hit by this wonderful thought and I rushed to meet the author of day Adite Banerjie.

As we sat together in a restaurant, I ordered a sandwich and she ordered a cappuccino.

I was getting quite excited about meeting her and my bag of questions were all ready. The first question I had in mind was a little silly, but I was inquisitive about it.
Adite Banerjie

Adite! Your name has a different sound to it. Generally it is Aditi, was this from beginning like this or did you get it changed.

Adite smiled and said, “A mistake in my school leaving certificate made sure that I always spell my name with an e instead of an i.”

When did you start writing this book?

Adite: This was the very first book I wrote and it was written and completed in 2013.

Is this first book? How did you approach publishers for it and how many did you approach to before finalizing?

Adite: It began life as a short story. Harlequin was launching in India. They were looking for romance writers and had announced a contest. I have always been an avid reader of Mills & Boon and I wanted to try my hand at writing one. So I submitted a short story and luckily for me, it was selected as a winning entry. Then I was asked by the publisher to develop it into a 50,000 word story and that’s how the book came to life. Luckily for me, my very first attempt at writing a romance story landed me a publisher.

Your journey as an author how was it so far?

Adite: I have been a traditionally published author for five years, during which three of my books were published by Harlequin/Harper Collins. It has been a learning experience and as a writer I have a very personal take on what works and what doesn’t in the industry. Now I’m gearing up for the second phase of my writing career  as an independent author. I’m very excited about it as I can be in total control of the many aspects of publishing that are normally out of an author’s control when one is traditionally published.

You have portrayed the relationship between a father and a daughter so well, is your real life relationship with your father, an inspiration for this story.

Adite: I was very close to my father and I have imbibed his love for telling stories. He has been a huge inspiration in my life and work and I suppose a reflection of that will always be there in any writing that I do.

Aspiring Authors what would you suggest them ?

Adite: My only advice to aspiring authors is to read a lot.

Reading across genres and all kinds of material will help you hone your skills as a writer.

What is your next step in terms of your books?

Adite: I have a very busy publishing calendar for 2018. I plan to relaunch my two previously published books – Trouble has a New Name and No Safe Zone – with new covers. The sequel to Destiny’s Girl will also come out this year.

You have given the book new life, a new name and a new cover. Is it only for ebook version or also for the paperback version?

Adite: Presently, there is only an ebook version for this book. At some point in the future I might have a print edition but I’m not exploring that option right now.

If I am correct it topped the charts within a week of its coming to Market? How was the feeling seeing your book on top after you struggled so much for it?

Adite: It was very heartening to see Destiny’s Girl shoot up the Amazon charts as soon as it was released. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that there are people out there who are reading your work. And it motivates me to write better stories.

I will be telling you some initials and you have to complete them.

Best holiday would be.. The most romantic city in the world, Paris!

If I was not a writer, I would be… A dog trainer

When not writing, I like to…Watch movies

My inspiration to write is….the desire to tell interesting stories

Favorite cuisine…. Continental

Best review received so far….. when someone said that they couldn’t put my book down.

The best book that I have read is…I have many favourite books and it is hard to pick one. But I’d say The Hungry Tide by Amitava Ghosh is one of the best books I have read.

Favorite food…  Chocolates!

Thank you so much Adite. I am sure readers got to know how Adite really is. Wish you all the best with your writing career.

Thanks, Nivedita, for hosting me on your blog. And all the best to you in your writing endeavours.


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