Author Meet with Devika Fernando at a cafe

It was a sunny morning and the wind was just right to set up my mood for friendly talk.

There she was, radiating in her comfortable summer dress and with a smile on her face that lifted my spirits too.

As we took our seats, the waiter appeared with his pen and paper.
Devika Fernando

I was already prepared for what I wanted for us to start. “One filter coffee for me. Devika what will you have?”

“I’ll be true to my Sri Lankan half and order a tea with milk, please.”

“So, Devika! Tell me when did you start writing?”  I asked her and moved forward in my seat.

Devika said, “I’ve always been writing, I guess. Even when I was a child, I used to compose poems and short stories, first in German and then in English. I made the decision to become an indie author in 2013 and began writing on my debut “When I See Your Face” in November that year.”

The coffee had just arrived. I took mine in my hands. “How many books have you written so far?”

She took a sip and smiled and said, “That depends on how you count them. I’ve written eleven books as well as co-authored another six books.”

The taste of the coffee ignited my reflexes and questions started coming out. “Who is your inspiration to write books?

Devika said, “I always say I get inspired by everyone and everything. There are so many stories to be told, observations to be made, questions to be raised. I have a very vivid imagination, so a lot of things act as a writing prompt.”

“When is your next book coming up?” 

Devika said, “I recently released Book 1 of my new Inn Love romance series and I’m currently working on Book 2. I don’t have a final release date yet but it’ll probably take me another two months.”

“Cathy, you carved her so well, can you describe more about the character?”

Devika smiled and said, “Cathy is very dear to me, not just because she’s my first heroine. I see in her all the countless women who suffer from (marital) abuse and who struggle to get away. She comes across as timid first, but that’s because she’s been taught to think less of herself. Once she decides to break free, she discovers her true strength. And to me, that’s what being a woman is about. To realize you’re stronger and better than everyone makes you believe. To rise and come into your own.”

My eyes fell on the menu card placed on our table and I remembered about Cathy having a bakery business. “Devika! Are you a sweet-toothed person?”

Her eyes danced like a little girl as she said, “Goodness, yes. I love everything sweet and I couldn’t resist writing Cathy as someone who loves baking. Researching recipes was very…tempting and distracting.”

Our laughter had distracted few people, sitting beside our table. She shushed me and I almost whispered the next question. “How would you like your dinner date to be?

Devika gave yet another beautiful smile and said, “Hm. I’m a romantic girl. I don’t expect anything fancy or expensive. Just something personal that lets me know that I’m being appreciated. It can be a picnic in the park or a candle-light dinner at home or a dinner date at a restaurant with food I love (like Italian food, I’m a huge fan of pizza). It’s the thought that counts, not the money.”

I finished my last sip of my coffee. “What do you do when you don’t write, apart from reading books that I already know?”

Devika said, “I love keeping in touch with all my online friends from around the world. And of course, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our pets. But seriously, writing and reading are my biggest hobbies.”

I could see the excitement in her eyes and how passionate she is about her work. “Devika! I will be telling you some initials and you have to complete them.”

  • Best holiday would be… Canada or Ireland
  • Best review received so far… being compared to Nora Roberts
  • Best book that I have read is… “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy
  • Favorite food… pizza
  • I cannot live without… books
  • If I could be… anything, I’d like to be a great musician
  • My greatest support is… my friends
  • Writing book for me is… something almost magical
  • The best moment of my life… holding a paperback of my first book in my hands
  • Devika Fernando is… more German than Sri Lankan
  • I aspire to become… an even better writer


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Devika Fernando

Thanks a lot for this interview. It was fun to meet and talk with you!