A letter to all girls

Dear Girls,

I know there are people who would refer themselves being called as a lady or a woman. But in the heart, every one of us is a girl. We grow up so early that our childhood dies an early death. No, I am not saying we lead a miserable life. I mean we are brought up with an early responsibility of a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother, and mother-in-law that we forget to live our childhood. And carry it in our hearts lifelong.

We get so much engrossed to play each role, without a glitch that we lose the charm of living a life.vedurlanivedita.com

We indeed share some beautiful memories of each role we play. Be it being a devoted sister to our brothers or being a precious darling daughter to our fathers or being the most lovable partner for our husbands or a responsible daughter for our in-laws or a perfect advising sister for sister and brother-in-law or a benevolent mother for our children or a comforting mother-in-law for our daughter and son-in-law. Each role we play is different and unique.

We are often too much adjusting and caring about each relationship that we lose sight of being an individual. We lose our identity of being a human being.

Each sister has equal right to do the same activities as her brother. Each daughter has the same right to stay with her parents if she thinks marriage is not her cup of tea. Each wife has the same right to educate, work and be independent like her husband. Each daughter-in-law has the same right to take off from the daily routine just like a son in the in-law’s house. Each mother has the same right to voice her decisions when she feels something is not correct, just like her children. Each sister-in-law has the same right to be treated like a daughter of the house. Each mother-in-law has the same right to be treated as a perfect mother who has put in lots of effort to groom a perfect family.

All our childhood we are taught, we need to go to our prince charming house one day. But we are not taught we need to be independent first and stand on our feet. Women have equal right to work for their independence.

Some say women are not strong enough to work both at the office and house. They cannot manage both the task together. If women are not strong, then why did God give tough pain bearing capacity of delivery to women?

Whenever I see any girl, trying to fantasize about being married to a perfect person I feel it is my responsibility to tell them life is not perfect. Even if you get married to a faultless person every day of your married life cannot be guaranteed as a blessing.

You need to be strong-headed, independent to take your own decisions and voice out when things feel inappropriate. It is our responsibility that we tell our younger sisters, daughters, daughter-in-laws, and sister-in-laws that their dreams should not be limited to getting married. Their dreams should be to become a role model for their younger generation.

I was once told by my moral science teacher

“Birds who complain about heights cannot fly higher. Stop staring at the ground and look at the sky. Wings will come out automatically.”

Every role you play is unique, but don’t compensate so much that you lose sight of being God’s most beautiful creation.


A woman, a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and a mother but still feel like a girl at heart.

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