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Two Angels by Nivedita Vedurla

Two Angels

by Nivedita Vedurla

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Some of the Reviews the book received till now:

Janci Rani

Two angels – a heartwarming story which showcases the pain everyone undergoes after losing their loved one. This book gives hope to all the broken people with a note that life is ready to give more happiness to us but we should seek it. This is not just a tale of romance but it deeply explains every emotion of mankind like pain, sorrow, friendship, anger, loss etc.

Divya R Bandodkar

The simplicity and innocence of this story touched my heart. The story is presented in a simple way, without any twists and turns, without any masala. It appears as if the author has written it all by her heart. There’s a personal touch to every word that has been written. You’ll be overwhelmed with emotions by the time you reach the end of this story.


The author very well knew the taste of the present readers and I must appreciate the fact that the writing style of the author is brilliant. She very well knew how to maintain the interest of the readers till the end of the book. No doubt, it is a love story but then the story and the characters have a different magic in them.

Ankit Chouhan

The story is beautifully written and narrated, the language is simple and it is a simple read one who loves love stories will surely love it.

Aparna Preethi

The author has penned a wonderful tale, which will hit the readers with all sort of emotions. The truth of life is brought to light at the end and the author has nailed it. The simple narration is an added credit, as one can easily get along with the tale.

Janani Arvind

The title might lead you to believe that her two protagonists are the angels of love and faith but when you get to the last page of the book, you realize every good person you meet and is also an angel in your life!

Good work from a new author. Expecting more and longer works, for I didn’t want this story to end. 🙂

Hema Krishnamurthy

This novel has nothing to do with extreme love and romance but yet soothes the heart in a way that nothing else can. School friends are always the best friends for anyone including me and that is well portrayed in this book.

Ravi Sharma

By the title, I thought it would be a perfect love story kind of thing.But as the book progressed it carved into something better. It sends a beautiful message that love has the power to heal your pain. No matter who’s love it is. Love has no boundary. Love has no form. Any form of love has the power to heal you, take ur pain away. Some emotional parts were bit slow for me, but overall good read!

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Nivedita Vedurla

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