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I came across a question today asking how different an author’s life is. The answer is an author gets to decide the characters’ future and live many life’s.

Their daydreaming spins stories which you and I read and envision it before our eyes.

Today on the author talk, we have Alka Dimri Saklani lets hear from her how she became an author.

Alka, tell us something about yourself? What do you like apart from writing?

Alka Dimri Saklani

Alka: Born and brought up in Vadodara, a city in Gujarat, my roots hail from “Dev Bhumi” Uttarakhand. Apart from writing, I love music, reading, traveling, and spending time with my two naughty kids.

I have penned two novels till date; “45 Days in a Cancer Hospital” and “Beyond Secrets”. My first novel, “45 Days in a Cancer Hospital” was longlisted for Crossword Book Award 2013.”

What instance, made you pick up this subject?

Alka: Once when I was on the job, our CEO was giving a presentation and he said something about a person who counseled people but when his love life failed he couldn’t counsel himself. He wanted to explain how it is easy to teach, but difficult to follow your own teachings. I loved the concept. Though my book differs totally from what he said the idea originated from there. The story of a counselor who failed to counsel himself. And layer by layer the story developed.

What do you want your readers to take from your story?

Alka: We should not judge people based on their decisions.

The decisions people make are not always their choice, sometimes it’s the only option available to them.

Twist and turn of your story made me leave my work and finish the book in one go. How did you write the story, I mean what approach did you take to write it. Character sketch, plotting, then write or just write it keeping the end in mind?

Alka: Keeping the centre of the story intact, the plot changed many times while I wrote the novel.

I believe no matter what genre it is there should be some suspense factor.

I also believe if we drag one conflict throughout the book it can become boring, there should be a myriad of topics, but at the same time it is important to keep the focus and that is the real challenge. The next thing I made sure was to write something that is original, something I haven’t read anywhere. Originality is one of the most important point to write a good story.

Self-publishing or traditional publishing what do you recommend?

Alka: If you get the backing of a top publisher it is best to take the opportunity, but if the offer is from some publisher whose terms and conditions sounds dicey go for self-publishing. If you are ready to wait for months or rather years to see your book in print you can go for traditional publishing, but if you don’t have that patience, self-publishing is the right choice. The benefits of publishing on KDP are noteworthy. Your book is published within minutes of uploading it, you get to decide your book cover. The best part is the live sales report. The moment somebody buys your book or even read it in Kindle Unlimited the sales data is updated so while marketing your book you can know which marketing strategies are working and which ones are a waste of time and money. Also, your book is distributed worldwide.

What is your advice to new authors?

Never give up. Keep learning, keep reading. And most importantly, get beta readers and a professional editor for your book.

Tell the readers a bit about the story?

Alka: I love to do that 😊. Giving a short description of my novel.

Something is bizarre, Noel realizes the moment he steps in Aashiyana orphanage to volunteer as a counselor. Aashiyana is a calm place and Noel enjoys his stint, but something is off. With each passing day he feels he is inching closer to the mysterious little boy from his childhood dreams.

Nidhi visits Aashiyana as a volunteer, and that’s how she wanted to keep it. Noel suspects something underneath her recluse behaviour and he is right. The more he learns about her, the more he is drawn towards her. And Nidhi? She isn’t allowed to love…as if love needs permission. Noel gets hopeful…


An unexpected phone call and Noel must doubt everything he owned. The boy in his dream wasn’t a stranger after all. Suddenly he wants to escape. From truth? From love? From family? Maybe everyone. Nidhi, just healed is left back to fight new scars; alone. Forever? or will he return?

Noel thought unearthing the secrets would bring peace; he was wrong. There was a journey beyond secrets, a journey from denial to acceptance.

Beyond secrets is a novel with layers of suspense and different nuances of relationship. And one question that can’t have just one answer – How long does it take for a scar to heal?

 Your book doesn’t have a paperback edition, is it something coming next or you planned it only as an ebook?

Alka: The paperback version will be launched in a few months.

Were you always into writing? Or did you have any other job before this?

Alka: I don’t even remember since when am I writing, maybe I was eight.  Writing is my first love. Though I worked with full dedication in a leading MNC, I always wanted to be a writer. I was on the job when my first novel “45 Days in a Cancer Hospital” got published.  But now after having two kids it is not possible to do a job and also be a writer, so I chose to be a full-time writer.

Your book is not backed up by any publishing house, still it is doing well so how do you promote your book?

Alka: I promote my book on Facebook and Twitter. I also took a few book promotion services. People who read the book loved it so I guess word of mouth also worked for me.

When is your next book coming up?

Alka: Somewhere in the latter half of 2018. It will be a sequel of “Beyond Secrets.” I think the character of Appu needs some more exploration so the next story will be on his life.  I might also write some short stories in this time period.

Any message you want to give your readers?

Alka: My readers have been really kind to me. The great reviews they have written has forced me to speed up on my next novel. Just one message, keep showering your love.

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