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The difference between a story and a masterpiece is that the latter moves your soul and makes you think over the moral conveyed.

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce such an author who has clearly moved many hearts and minds.

Let’s have a talk with Ravi Shirurkar and ask him about his book journey

How did this idea occur to you to show the story from each character’s angle?

Ravi and Priyanka Shirurkar

Ravi: First of all, thank you so much Nivedita for giving me this opportunity. Your interview is truly a great platform for me to connect with my existing and future readers.

To answer your question, Imagine a couple sitting in a coffee shop and male protagonist calling it a ‘date with a girl’ while the girl in the opposite chair thinks she is just meeting a friend. What if things are not what you’re being told by the main character in so-called true Indian stories?

In most Indian romance novels, one male protagonist speaks and we never know female’s perspectives. Where’s the good in a Goodbye surely solves this problem.

You have highlighted two major issues about women, can you explain about them to our readers. ? And what message do you have for relatives and friends of people undergone such terrible incidents?

Ravi: Most of the issues women face today, such as sexual harassments, depression, domestic violence or broken marriages are majorly due to emotionally unavailable men. I think if we work on this part, we certainly could be a better society to live in.

One of your characters Arjun goes through a devastating crisis at the end. What advice you would give to people undergoing such crises, how should they move on with life?

Ravi: Not just once, Arjun goes through crisis twice and how he rebuilds his life during the first crisis to conquer the world has been shown in the novel as a step-by-step guide to the readers.

How long did it take to finish your book?

Ravi: It took me 3 years to write this book. Well, if you calculate only writing time it’s just 1 year. I spend twice the time on research than that of the actual writing. Not a single word in my novel is written without its purpose in the story.

What is the best review received so far for the book?

Ravi: One of my reader’s parents personally visited my home saying character Eva’s last letter cured their daughter of depression and suicidal thoughts. One reviewer says the book made him cry for the first time after his father’s demise. I think these are the best lines of reviews I’ve received so far.

When do you prefer to write?

Ravi: Writing is a godly ritual for me. Right from a well-made bed (where I write), extremely quiet home, I need to write at times when my mind is creativity at its best. These times are usually in the morning.

What is your advice to new authors?

Ravi: Aspiring authors are usually told to read more & more and eventually writing happens, but I think that is misleading. I know some voracious readers who can’t write a single word. Reading certainly helps in making your writing better, but that is not the starting point. Along with reading, you need to ‘feel’ as well. My personal advice to aspiring authors would be to ‘talk to people’, understand and feel their emotions, their aspirations and their struggles. The more you could feel and relate to their stories, more words would keep coming onto your paper. They say writing is a lonely career. For me personally, it involves tremendous research of real people and their stories and it is certainly not lonely.

How did this story occur to you?

Ravi:  During my masters in London I became friends with some amazing people of different backgrounds, different nationalities. During short tenure, we became so close that we knew darkest secrets of each other’s life. Their stories were so exceptional and inspiring that I couldn’t take my mind off them. I think it would have been unfair to them and to the world if their stories never came out in open.

All the characters in the book are just awesome, but can you tell us which character is closest to you?

Ravi: My personal favorite character is ‘Sara’. Though I can’t name the real-life Sara, I’ve seen this person’s struggle very closely and I think hers is truly remarkable and transforming journey.

From a business consultant to a writer, how was the journey?

Ravi: It wasn’t easy. It takes real courage to follow the passion. It’s been just 1 year since I got married. Taking such a step involves a lot of financial, emotional risk. It was my wife, she and my sides of the families that supported our decision and we could make it. Making a book successful is like running a startup. My wife is my co-founder and our families are teammates. Each team member went from bookstore to bookstore and door to door to make this book a success.

Did you face any problem in writing this book? Or you had the story clear in mind and never had any writer’s block?

Ravi: The book is based on real events of my real life friends. Their interviews helped me get over the writer’s blocks.

When is your second book expected?

Ravi:  My second novel ‘Who will remember your name’ is expected in 2018.

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience with us. We wish you all the best for your writer’s journey.

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