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A good book grabs your hand and head simultaneously while your hand would be flipping pages your mind will focus on the trailing words.

As you read you want it to continue till you think I loved it. And if it is a story you could relate to yourself, then nothing like it.

Today we have with us Ravi M Kumar, the author of The Large stone in my Jar, let us ask how he planned to write down his own story.

Were you not afraid of showing so much of your life in this book?

Ravi: Yes, I was. Actually, I do not like sharing about my life with anyone. So I wrote about it in a diary which I was gifted by a friend on my birthday and returned it back on her birthday after writing it. She read and told, “with a little bit of editing, this can be a great book.”

She was a book nerd and read books written by international writers. Those words from her gave me the confidence to start in this direction.

The story belonged to the year 2014. It is 4 years now, how much have you changed till now.

Ravi: There are few changes in me. Well, the core is still somewhat same, but one thing I feel now is I have become fearless. I take any risks if my heart says to give it a try. Earlier I use to think about the results, due to which I was not able to execute many of my plans. But now, I am more happy to fail than to regret later in life. This book too is the outcome of that attitude. At the start I was a little worried, will anyone like it or not, how am I going bear the cost for publishing, etc. But I thought again, this will happen only when I publish the book. So that was the first step towards the risk-taking journey.

Did you find your love yet?

Ravi: ha ha ha. No. Not yet

How is friendship going on with your most precious friend Parinika?

Ravi: It is not as smooth as it was. We went through a few ups and downs, some fights, some misunderstandings, some over expectations, etc. Well, those are part and parcel of a close friendship. You will come to know about a few of them in my future works. Due to our careers, we both live in different cities for last 2 years or so. But she is still the large stone I have in my life.

What problems did you face while writing your story?

Ravi: It was difficult for me to write the book. After I left my job, I hoped that I could move on quite easily. But to write the book, I need to recall all those memories. It took me around two and half years to complete this, even though I was just writing it down from the dairy. I use to write only when I use to feel sad and lonely. Many times I thought of deleting the file to stop those memories, but something from inside stopped me doing it. The result was it got published and many liked it.

Any advice to people who are fresher, introvert and struggling to create new friends in office?

Ravi:  Be true to yourself. Money, increments, promotions, etc. all are secondary. First of all, you need to be happy. Look for good friends, be a good friend. A few years down the line you will never know what ratings you got or how much increment you got that year. But you will always remember the memories you lived.

When I started reading the book, my main focus was on the title and how did it match with the story? I was very happy when I got to know how it got related to the story? Please, could you tell our readers how the title occurred to you?

Ravi: Me and my friend were looking for a good title for the book, which could be simple and justify the story without revealing any information. We tried a few but most of them looked quite decorated kind of titles or were not justifying the story. I thought of using the title of the short story I used ‘the jar of life’. But again the story was not only about that. Then, while having the last edit I was struck with this idea that why can’t we use the concept of the short story as the title. Then we found the title, The Large Stone In My Jar.

What’s next? When is your next book due?

Ravi:  Picture abhi baki hai mere dost! I am going to start the next one in a couple of weeks and maybe publish it by the end of next year.

Your favourite Bollywood song?

Ravi: There are quite a few and most of them keep changing. But if asked to pick one, it will be ‘Ghungaroo ki tarah bajta hi raha hu main’ from movie chor machye shor starring Shashi Kapoor.

Who is your greatest motivator for writing your first book?

Ravi: When the book was published, only two people knew that I am writing a book. Pushpita and Megha. Both of them are book lovers. Pushpita has seen me through those times. So she can connect with the book. But, Megha came in just a year and a half ago. I was around midway of the book when I gave it to her for reviews. And thanks for her positive reviews that I completed the book or else I would have dropped it then.

Friendship or love which one would you always choose?

Ravi: It all depends on which one makes you happy and who stands by you when you were broken. For me, its friendship

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience with us. We wish you all the best for your writer’s journey.

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