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It is the author talk day, a day when you get to know how a debut author feels like. The freshness is what gives a great start. A debut author brings a different style in writing, portraying characters and showing the plot.

We have with us one such author Swapna Rajput the author of In search of a soulmate to discuss her journey experiences.

How did you start? What pushed you to write?
Swapna Rajput

Swapna– Well, I started writing from my high school. It all started with thinking and daydreaming.

How did this story come to your mind?

Swapna– ‘’In search of a Soulmate” is actually my 4th published novel. I thought of writing this from a long time, actually, it is my semi-autobiography. All the characters are inspired by real life and many situations in the novel have actually happened.  So it took long years to combine imagination and reality together and now the result, it is loved by everyone.

Before this had you written any other story?

Swapna– Yes, I have published my first anthology ‘THE BEAUTIFUL ROSES’ in 2010. It was a collection of 5 love stories. We printed 500 copies in the first edition and it’s gone out of stock soon after publishing. I wanted to print the new version with an added story which was again inspired by real life. And added a story ‘Kesariya’ which made everyone fall in love with the book. It’s a special book published in Hinglish. It’s India’s first HINGLISH book. After this, many authors published their works in Hinglish. It was loved by the readers for its simplicity.

My third was – AMAZING LEGENDS OF INDIA. Again a special book containing the history of India from the time of mythology till the 18th century. The book has everything that a person’s zeal to know about India and its legends. True stories of our legends, the greatness of India, interesting and rare information about our country. A must read for all. I am reworking on it, as it has few editing errors and will be printing it soon.

In the beginning of this year- I published IN SEARCH OF A SOULMATE.

Describe the story in short?

Swapna– Well, it’s a wonderful piece of work, having everything which one seeks in a romance novel. A story of friendship, love, and romance, family emotions, drama, fun, forgiveness, and acceptance. The specialty of this book is, simultaneously many love stories are happening at a time, and the important thing is, it also has a cute lesbian love story which is rare to find in any  Indian novel or movie. You can read the synopsis of this novel at-

How long did it take to finish this book?

Swapna- Well, it started in my mind since my teenage time, almost 15-20 years but I started writing it in April 2016 and it took almost 6-7 months to complete it.

Wow! Tell us an interesting experience while writing this book?

Swapna- I had to call my friends and chat with them at times to recall those sweet memories. To compose the lesbian story, I had to flirt with my girlfriends and that was the funniest thing to get everyone on the spot. But altogether, I spent sleepless nights, but it was a wonderful experience to write this book.

Writing a story in the voice of an opposite gender, did you face any hindrance?

Swapna- No, since I am a tomboy. From childhood, I am a boy with boys, they never feel awkward to discuss things with me and treat me like one of them and my girlfriends treat me like I am a boy! When I write about a character, I think like one. Creating Sandy wasn’t tough at all and whenever I got stuck, I discussed the situation with my husband to know his view on it. The result, Sandy is a mixture of me and my husband.

Mansi, where did you get the inspiration to write such character?

Swapna- As I said this novel is based on real-life characters. Mansi is the mixture of my 3 girlfriends. Beautiful and shy, understanding, loving, caring and what not.

Dadi, a super cool grandmother, explain more about her character?

Swapna- She is totally my Dadi. Bold, open-minded, strong and a tough lady who lived on her own theories. So I didn’t even change the name- Padmavati.

Nice to know that. What approach did you follow the story? Did you stick to an outline or wrote the story as it formed in your mind?

Swapna- Both, as it is based on real-life incidents, I had to stick onto the outline, but also followed my heart and my imagination for adding more spices to it.

 What is your next plan? When is your next book coming up?

Swapna- I have three stories in mind, but first I want to update AMAZING LEGENDS OF INDIA. Which is not happening from a long time due to various reasons.

Would you like to share with us the best comment you have received so far in your writing?

Swapna- I always receive emails and reviews on my books and blogs. And they are all best for me, it is tough to choose one! But a girl from outside India recently mailed me for In search of a Soulmate – ‘I am an Indian, but don’t live in India. I wanted to tell you one thing that for the first time I loved a romance novel of an Indian writer because it is way ahead of its time for Indians to compose a Lesbian love story! And for the first time I read a romance in a romance genre from an Indian writer or else all the top romance writers are misers to use romance in their novels. Keep on writing!’

 Wow, Congrats! If not a writer, what else would you aspire to become?

Swapna- I was a writer since childhood, but I went in different lines in the middle after my post graduation in marketing. I worked as the marketing and merchandising manager in various sectors like Garments, automobiles, Insurance, banking, and finance etc., Nothing made me happy. And I finally came back to writing and this gives me immense happiness.

Great! Share your experiences to get a publisher?

Swapna-Well, traditional publishers never accepted my work. I got rejected for more than 10 times for my first book. They deal only with their favorites. I decided to self-publish. As you know, if you have money you have hundreds of self-publishing companies. I dealt with 3 publishers. First two were fine with before the sale and rarely replied after the sale. My current publisher ‘Invincible publishers’ have been co-operating with me from the beginning till end and still provide after sale service.

 Do you write as a part-time or a full time?

Swapna- Raising 4 year old is a toughest full-time job! He he… So, I write part-time. 

I understand! Who is your inspiration for writing?

Swapna- Well, I always give funny answers every time on this question. But frankly speaking, It’s all my imagination, daydreaming. Sleepless nights with different characters jumping in my mind to come out on paper. And last but not the least, real-life incidents.

Share with us something personal which readers would love to know about you?

Swapna- Well, all about me is available on my blog, but only my close ones know-  I am a chatterbox.

What is love for you?

Swapna- Trust, and understanding.

What is your take on friendship? How many friends did you have when you were small?

Swapna- I am lucky as I have hundreds of friends since childhood and they are all still in touch with me. For me friends are part of my life, my day never begins or ends without chatting with them.

Lastly, your advice to new authors?

Swapna- Keep on writing and do not stop for anything. Print your piece of work, as it is gonna live forever.

Thanks Swapna for sharing your valuable experience with us. We wish you all the best for your book and in your writer’s journey.

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