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Storytelling is an art. A storyteller spins a tale out of his mind and portrays the story before you. At times you may even forget it was a fictional story, not a real one. The best storytellers are kids. Have you ever noticed kids talking about their dreams and how they survived the alien attack? They have a beautiful imaginary world. But when they grow up they lose the power to dream and forget their capability of creating stories. Their minds freeze, saying this can’t be true and the spirit of story creation dies within.

Don’t grow to such an extent that your dreams and stories die within you. Keep the story alive in you. Dream a story and make it happen for real. Maybe your kid will be eager to hear your story later on.

Let’s hear it out from the author of the day Manju Nambiar what her story and how did she start?

Tell us about where you belong to?

Manju: I am from Trivandrum, Kerala.

How did this story occur to you?

Manju: This is not just one story. It’s a compiled version of the stories of many lives and characters weaving into a novel. Some are purely my imagination, but most of the characters in the book are an extended version of people I know in real life.
Manju Nambiar

The title is so interesting, tell us a little more about it?

Manju: The Monder Lender, is the main character in the book who is common in the lives of all the characters. He is the base of the novel and the whole story is narrated from his perspective. Hence the title.

Do you write as a part-time or a full time?

Manju: Writing is my passion. I write to feel good, I write what I can’t talk in words, I write to release my happy hormones. Its my life. I don’t want to bucket it as a full time or part-time.

How does your family support you in writing?

Manju: My six-year-old daughter is very excited about my books. She cheers me on and mentions me proudly to all her friends. My husband too is very supportive and he draws the cartoons for my book. My parents, brother and his wife are very encouraging too. I draw my strength from them.

When I read the book, I couldn’t believe these were imaginary characters. It was so well described as if it were characters from my own village? Are some of the characters a part of your real life?

Manju: Well most are inflated versions of people I know or have heard about. But some characters like Jeevan and Kuttan are purely my imagination.

Where do you take your writing experience from?

Manju: Reading is my other passion. I read whatever books I could lay my hands on. I would like to think my writing, vocabulary, style etc is inspired by the books I love to read.

What problems did you face while writing this book?

Manju: I started writing these stories as a hobby, around two years back. But the decision to publish a book was made in less than a month. I was on medical leave from my office for a few days and I was to be on bed rest. Having nothing else to do, I brushed up these old stories I had written a few years back and compiled it all together to a book. Having a platform like KDP, made my job much easier and  I could get this book published with the click of a button from my home.

How long did it take to finish this book?

Manju: Since I had long gaps in between, it took me two years. But if I were to sit on it and write the book from beginning to end, I would say it may take two months.

What would you advise to new authors?

Manju: Just start writing. There is no good time or auspicious moment. The moment is NOW.

The book is not available as a paperback edition why?

Manju: The book is available as a paperback from Amazon in the US. In India, Amazon KDP does not let you sell paperback. I, however, have made the paperback available to those interested through another publisher.

Here is the link to the paperback in India:

You have mentioned you have other stories related to golf town. Why didn’t you put it here?

Manju: I wanted to have a sequel to this.

Who was the first person from your family to read this book? And what was their reaction?

Manju: It was my brother and his wife who read this book first. They loved it and encouraged me to write more. My parents too read the book and gave invaluable feedback.

When is your next book coming out?

Manju: I am writing a full-fledged novel right now. It’s going to be a romantic comedy genre. God willing, the book will be released soon.

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience with us. We wish you all the best for your writer’s journey.

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