A Haircut That Added Smile To Someone’s Face

You feel blessed when you feel peaceful and happy. While there are many happy and peaceful moments in my life, but there is one which glitters my eyes.

One day my husband said, “lets cut his hair. It has become longer and he gets irritated.”

I remembered the day when we had taken our 18 months old son, Viraj to a saloon. He had become cranky and cried the whole day. He didn’t know what was happening with him. Why the uncle was after him and why his father held him tight. His eyes were full of tears and telling me, “Mama, I don’t like this, take me away from this place.”

The thought ran goose bumps on my body. I quickly said to my husband, “no I will cut it.”

He got surprised and asked, “How? Ok, when he sleeps that time?”

I replied, “I don’t know, but I will do it.”

Sometimes I never a have a solution but it comes as a mother’s instinct for the baby. That day while giving him a bath, I saw he was happy and playing with water. I quickly took a scissor and trimmed his hair slowly while he was still playing.

Now, I was waiting for my husband’s reaction. He too got happy with the haircut. The next day, my maid came with her twelve-year-old son for playing with Viraj. She normally brings her son and daughter to play when they have off from school. While playing I asked him, “how’s Viraj’s haircut?” boasting my newly found skill set.

The boy got surprised and asked, “you cut it?”

I said, “yes.” I didn’t know what occurred to me I asked him, “Do you want a haircut too?”

He smiled and asked, “will you do it for me too?”

“Yes sure,” I said and took a scissor and trimmed his hair a little.

He loved it and said, “I look so cool.”

Seeing the glitters in his eyes, I felt happier than the time I had cut my son’s hair. The task was small but what I got is a priceless smile on the boy’s face.

The next day his sister came and said, “cut my hair also please.”

I watched some YouTube videos and did a layered haircut for her.  The next day her mother said, “my daughter was so happy yesterday she didn’t tie her hair entire day.”

I could literally feel the happiness in my heart.

Indeed, true happiness is spreading a smile across someone else’s face.

If you have any such moment where you felt peaceful and happy share with me, I will be happy to know it.

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