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Life is as sweet as sugar, as bitter as bitter gourd, as painful as a bee sting and as pleasurable as a sleeping newborn baby. Sometimes we stumble to the unknown, we want a hand that can support us and guides us through the dark times. Man is a social animal, but many times, he wanders alone all through his journey. In those times of darkness, have you opened a book and found complete peace. Yes, my friends’ books do talk and support as well. They guide and give you peace too.

I am not here to advise you which ones will be most suitable for your reads, but I want you to try to reach the book through the law of attraction. Many do it, just think that you have the book, which is a proper guide to your search and it helps you to know what you need in life. And do let me know if the magic worked.

With this, let’s talk with our author of the day Ajay  Kumar about his journey of life and book writing.

Ajay Kumar

How and where did you get inspired to write a book, which deals with the problems of life?

Ajay:  When I was in 10th standard I use to write a lot, but at that time I was having no idea to become a writer in the future, but I was fond of writing short articles, poems, quotes and other things. When I was in my 1st year of engineering then I realized that writing is the best thing I can do over engineering and I started writing, but writing a book which deals with the problems of life was like a default mindset for me because right from my childhood, my father use to inspire me a lot by his talks and his every saying captivated my mind to be like him helping people and let them know their purpose of life.

After knowing these thoughts that you have mentioned in the book, how much of your life has been impacted by it?

Ajay:  This book is a wonderful knock in my life which created my new image in the society as a thinking tank because everything I had mentioned in the book is related to the basic life problems which happen with almost each one of us and this was the key point which convinced all the readers to get easily connected with the book.  Some of the readers accredited the book as “ LIFE CHANGING BOOK “ because it changed their perspective regarding life.

Were you so thoughtful of life right from birth, or is it a particular incident which changed your perspective on life?

Ajay:  I remember a few incidents which signify that I was serious about my goals right from my childhood. When I was 6 years old, one night I just woke up suddenly and started crying because I had not mugged up lines of one poem and was frightened that I will be scolded by the teacher the next day. The next incident was actually a big disaster in my life, but I learned to face any obstacle coming in my way. In 2010 I met with an accident was on verge of death, but survived by the God’s grace. I was covered with all wounds and stitches, but still, I never gave up hope. I was reading my history book in the Hospital because after 2 days I was having an exam.  That was very surprising for the doctors they appreciated my hard work, although I had many wounds but was still reading for my exam. All these incidents were like default ingredients of my inspiring attitude which provided me a comfort zone to help people and let them empower to kick off their problems.

What inspired and stirred you so much that a new Ajay got born?

Ajay:  When I moved to Bhubaneshwar for my engineering course, then I got to know my real interest and I was self-driven by my own thoughts and way of talking to people and empowering them to be totally a new thing for me. I started reading lots of self-help and inspirational books which filtered my thoughts about the actual purpose of life and I developed my attitude of learning from everyone I use to meet in daily life which was the main reason for the transformation into new Ajay.

Where were you born and brought up?

Ajay:  I was born and brought up in the Bokato Steele City, Jharkhand which is famous for Asia’s 2nd largest steel plant and due to its educational hub for senior secondary.

Tell us your life journey so far?

Ajay:  It’s like a mix fruit jam which consists of lots of flavours but still sweet. Starting from the very first I belong to a traditional family and like all fathers,  my father also wanted me to get a degree and a nice job but I was planning for something else. I was going through lots of things I started my career as a blogger on my own website which holds articles related to society, youth and awareness.

Which is your favourite place for writing?

Ajay:  I usually write in my room spacing myself with all the thoughts which I gather about a specific topic in a whole week.

When do you write day or night?

Ajay:  My father always says that all great person either sleep at 4 am or wake up at 4 am, So I choose the second one because I love the ambiance of the early morning which helps me to map wonderful thoughts.

What are the five negative actions or attitudes, you think can pull a person back from reaching their desired goal?

Ajay: In my view the 5 negative actions or attitudes are.

  1. Everyone should clear about their goals of life, because more than 80% of people have no aim in their life, but they want a comfortable life which is not possible.
  2. Time is precious and equal for everyone so one should know the value of time in their life and know how to invest it to get good results.
  3. Try to be courageous to take your decisions because if you keep on relying on someone else decision, then you can’t acknowledge your real potential.
  4. Everyone should develop an attitude of learning because knowledge is everywhere and one must have an attitude which will take the person to altitude on the day.
  5. The most important action for you to give a masterstroke in life is to meditate the work.

What is your take on maintaining a healthy relationship?

Ajay:  There are many people asking me this question and my one suggestion to each one about maintaining a relationship is that when you keep no expectations of the person on the other end the bonding of relationship will last longer. The relationship should be based on understanding each other rather than demanding from each other.

What is the next book you are planning to take out on paper?

Ajay:  My next book will be on the same niche which will contain more vital points of life and it will transform the insights of a person to look into life in a different way and to overcome problems easily.

What tips do you have for aspiring authors?

Ajay:  The only thing I’ll say to those who are having a dream to become an author that have faith in your work don’t get demotivated when someones find faults in you no one is perfect and just keep on writing…!!!

In the journey of writing and publishing your first book, where did you find the much-needed help and how?

Ajay:  My family supported me a lot because without their help I would not be able to cross this milestone and along with it my publisher “ Invincible Publishers” who helped me to become an author from a simple person.

One final question, about life, what is the best advice that you have for our readers?

Ajay:  The best advice for the readers is that everyone one of us is on earth for a reason, some find it and become memorable in life but some can’t. I want each one of you reading this, that you should find your reason to do something in your life to get remembered for a change you made in the life of others.

Thanks Ajay for sharing your valuable experience with us. We wish you all the best for your book and in your writers journey.

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