A Caged Bird

Trapped within the boundaries, the bird feels the limit is her cage.

She chirps and sings the tunes of joy, unaware she is trapped.

Unaware that she can fly up high and the cage is not her limits.

One day suddenly sitting in her cage she noticed a bird flying up towards the sky.

She remarked the bird’s feathers, her pride, her eyes and her wings, which soared and flew against the wind.

There were glitters in the eyes of the bird after knowing that the cage is not her limit.

Now, she knew her boundary was the sky, now she wished to get herself free and she wished to fly.

Her mind said, you can’t, but her heart said to wait for the perfect time.

The cage was making her restless, her hopes were dying each day.

But she visualized her broken cage, her wings spread wide and she flying up in the sky.

She enacted as if she was flying out of the cage, soared with pride and spreading her wings.

People laughed and mocked, saying poor bird she is gone mad, thinking she would fly with the cage.

The bird didn’t bother about what people said, she just visualized and waited for her perfect time.

A time, when God will open the keys to her dream.

But the days were passing by without any hint that the keys were getting opened any soon.

She decided, it is me who has to open the cage because sitting inside and dreaming will not turn into a reality.

She lay there thinking the whole day, a plan, a hint as to what she can do.

She didn’t eat and lay close to the gate of her trapped cage.

One day the owner presumed the bird will be dead, without eating.

He opened the cage and spread his hand to catch the bird.

The bird sprang up at once, caught his hand by her sharp beak.

The man left it crying with pain.

And the bird spread its wings, flew up in the sky, with pride and making her dreams real.

There are people who will want you to be trapped inside your limits and boundaries.

They are very countable ones who desire that you fly, the rest of the world will just want to catch your wings and cage you inside.

When you get caged, don’t let your hopes die. Plan and dream about your freedom. And most importantly believe that you will fly one day.

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