A Simple Birthday Wish

Mornings are always busy for Neha. It was routine work of Neha freshens up, prepare tea, breakfast, and lunch in the morning before her husband left for work. By the time all meal preparation was done. The little 2-year-old munchkin gets up from his sleep and calls out Mamma. She runs to catch him in her arms, play, cuddle and kiss the little one. Makes the tiny toddler ready by giving a gentle massage, warm water bath and dress him up.

Her day would pass by playing, dancing, running, feeding and making the toddler sleep. The only thing Neha liked was cooking and writing. When the little one gets asleep, she quickly makes dinner or pens down her thoughts.
Once the sun sets, she would eagerly wait for her husband to come. She would constantly peep at her window for checking if her husband has come. With passing minute she would get impatient.
Finally, she decided to call him “Hey, where are you?”
“I am done with my work should be home in fifteen minutes time,” said her husband.
She let out a sign of relief and started playing with the young one. Her husband was the only close friend she had. It was her birthday the next day. She didn’t have any plans in mind for a special birthday celebration. She knew it was just like any other day.
When her husband came, the little one went and hung on his leg. She let out a soft smile, feeling a sense of relief that he has come to help her watch the little one.
Her husband changed his clothes, freshened up and asked “baby ate.”
She got angry at the same question being fired every day about the baby eating. But consoled herself saying he doesn’t see the little one since morning. So misses and cares for the little one.
Neha’s husband switched on the television and watched his previously recorded India, Pakistan match, while she fed the little one showing him videos and making funny faces to make the food gobble down faster.
Once the last spoon was in the little one’s mouth, she smiled happily and said “Done. Good boy.”
Her husband quickly added “Good boy” and got busy in looking at Facebook and WhatsApp messages.
Neha wiped the little one with tissues, made him wear another dress, read good night stories, cuddled and rocked him to sleep.
After a while, Neha made the food hot and called out husband to eat dinner. She quickly gulped down her food and went to clean the kitchen, while her husband took a little time to relish the delicious seasoned mixed dal curry and chapatti.
She placed all the toys in respective places, took out her dress for the next day and went to bed. She prayed and had just closed her eyes when the little one woke up for milk.
She gave him the milk bottle kept beside the bed and put him to sleep again. A few minutes later, her husband came in the bedroom, watched his phone again and closed his eyes.
He didn’t show any clue that he remembered her birthday. She remained quiet and thought he had forgotten to wish her at midnight last birthday it may happen this birthday as well.
She remembered how everything has changed after the baby. Not that she was jealous of the baby being loved more. All she wanted was the same cuddle, kiss, and care like her husband used to do before the baby.
She looked at him, he had closed his eyes. She thought if she didn’t remind him now, he will forget to wish at midnight and the next day will be a sad one for her.
She asked “Tomorrow is my birthday. Do you remember?”
He gave her a bright smile and said “I have placed an alarm for a reminder.”
And she laughed.
He jumped to her side and said “If you don’t mind, can I wish you now. It is late. I am feeling tired, have to go early tomorrow.”
She smiled and thought it was true. They both have to get up early the next day.
He knew the smile meant yes. He gently cuddled her and said “Advanced happy birthday sweetheart. Tell me what you want this birthday”
She smiled, stroked his face and said “Nothing”
“Are you sure? You want nothing.” He asked.
“Nothing,” she said and told him to sleep and put the alarm off so that it doesn’t disturb them at midnight.
He put it off and went to sleep. She thought about what he asked and thought of writing what she needed this birthday. She wrote
My dearest Hubby,
I have been fortunate to have you as my husband and Vihaan as my son. When you asked what I want for my birthday, I said I want nothing.
Well, Nothing means I don’t want any materialist thing on my birthday. Gifts like beautiful dress, sari, vacation, necklace and earnings don’t matter to me much.
What I really want is your appreciation and your time. When you come back from work I need the same cuddle that you gave earlier.
When you freshen up after a long tiring day I want to hear what you did the entire day. Did you like the Tiffin prepared by me? Did you remember me anytime during the day?
I know you haven’t got time to watch your Facebook feeds, Whatsapp messages or your favorite television shows the entire day.
However, I get a little time to spend with you, that is, only after you come from work. I want you to talk and hear me out. Share, discuss and gossip like we used to do earlier.
The only thing that I seriously long for; is your time.
Nothing else will please my heart except a small share of your time to discuss my feelings, my happiness, my excitement, and experience.
Love you, darling.
She placed the letter beside him and went to deep sleep.

In a faster world, we live today people are getting close to machines and moving away from their loved ones. Thanks to technology, we often know what our friends and relatives across the world did today, how they celebrated their special day and how they feel about the day. But, we don’t know what people around us do daily and how they felt that day.
A small call, a small cuddle, and little talk can add a huge difference. It cannot cut the workload or tensions, but it can add a smile on your loved ones face.
A simple birthday wish of Neha is a reminder that time is running short. Life is unpredictable. It is only your closed ones that will be beside you always. Not your social media contacts. Whatever time you have in your life show love and care for your loved ones. As time passes by, your relationships should grow stronger it shouldn’t be a fake one just to shine on social media pages.

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