Change For The Better

The Beauty of life is that it always keeps on changing.
No matter what you do.
Time never remains the same.
Seasons never remain the same.
The Calendar never remains the same.
With the seasonal change most of the animal camouflage, change colors, change their sleeping routine and few change their hunting style to suit their surroundings.
These seasonal changes majorly occur because of planetary movements.
Our mother earth constantly revolves around and changes its position.
When there is so much of change happening around us, why can’t we change?
Can’t we push ourselves to move out of the safe zone and do what we always wanted to do?
Can’t we push ourselves to fight for things we always wanted to stand for?
Can’t we push ourselves to become what we always dreamed about?
Can’t we bring in a change where we can break the rules that hurt innocent people?
So where do we start from?
We start from changing ourselves, and then we can ask others to bring in change and then the whole community and the nation changes for the better.
What do we change in ourselves?
A change which makes us smile more, a change which brings peace in our heart, a change which was long pending and a change that makes us human being again.
How to start changing?
Start with small changes each day. Note the change, feel the change in your heart and capture it as your passion. When you gradually change, you will feel different and it will become a part of your life. A major change can only happen when we start with small things. As things get piled up, they become a big change.
What if people oppose the change?
Explain and teach them why you need a change. However, the change should not be to hurt anyone’s sentiments. It is only for the better.
So, before this season changes, let us make a pledge to push, learn and change for the better.

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Suvasish Ranjan Sahoo

Beautifully written