A Letter From The Hidden Treasure

Anvita is a talented, beautiful and a mother of two smart kids. She works in a multinational company and lives with her husband in New Jersey City, United States of America.
She has always been an inspiration to all her brothers and sisters. She portrayed herself as a lady with a positive spirit and had a bright smile on her face. Behind her beautiful smile laid a grief-stricken heart, which had never forgiven a person. It was none other than her boyfriend. After ten years of her marriage, she was still not able to forgive God to break her heart in such devastating way.
One day after continuous pleading of her sons to go to India she finally said yes. She was happy that she will be visiting her parents, but also sad that the place would remind her of the miserable memories.
On reaching India, her foot felt heavy, her mind overflowed with past incidents. She was given a warm welcome by all her close family members. Reaching her parent’s house, she looked at the house just opposite to theirs. It looked empty, the walls had moss, the roof leaked and the gate was rusted.
She had a thousand questions on her mind as she walked inside her parent’s house. Her kids had found an ultimate solace in their grandparents. They played, cuddled, kissed them. Her parent’s house was crackling with sounds of joy. She could observe the glitter in her parent’s eyes after many years. It was a long day for her and the kids, they went to sleep as soon as the lights were off.
She couldn’t sleep lost in thoughts that pained her heart. She opened her cupboard which was just like she had left before going to New Jersey. Her hands moved fanatically all sides searching something important. She took out a box and opened it carefully. It was a letter from her Mahesh. Her hands trembled, eyes started to fill with water as she started reading it.
Dear Anvita,
You are the only person who understands me, whenever I needed some support you were always standing beside me. You stood by me when my parents tossed me out of the house. I owe you a lot. You are my only friend and the best comforter. We have been always the best of friends. Your love is the strongest support that I have ever got in my life. You mean the world to me.
I thought about what you said yesterday. Your parents want you to get married to an NRI. I know it must be very difficult for you to accept things, but, I have not been established yet. My life is always unpredictable and difficult.
If we get married now in my current situation, it will be too difficult to survive. I know losing you will be the worst thing in my life, but, understand my situation I am not ready. It is difficult for you to understand my situation.
You might think I betrayed you, but it is for the best. I wish you lots of happiness and forgive me if you can.
She read it again, tears came out non-stop. The sobs made her elder son get up. He rubbed his tiny eyes and said
“Mamma. Are you alright?”
She wiped her red eyes and said “Yes dear. What happened? Why you got up?”
“I saw you crying badly in my dreams. And I couldn’t sleep,” said her son blinking his eyes.
She ran at once towards the bed, hugged him tight and kissed him on his head and said “Why would mamma cry. When I have you?” and made him sleep taking him in her arms.
She kept thinking and tossed her body whole night.
Morning her sister-in-law was alone making tea, she went to her and asked her casually “The opposite house of Sharma’s looks empty. Did they shift anywhere else?”
Her sister-in-law gave a distressed look and said “They returned to their village. Poor uncle and aunt, what pathetic was their son. He left them alone, took all their money and married a rich girl.”
Anvita’s was too surprised she couldn’t believe Mahesh doing such a thing to his parents.
Her sister-in-law continued saying “Recently, we came to know. He took over the entire property of the girl and behaves very rudely with her.”
Anvita was lost in her thoughts when her sister-in-law handed her tea and asked “Are you also thinking, he looked like a nice boy?”
Anvita didn’t say anything, she didn’t have words to convey her feelings, but her sister-in-law was overpowered with words and continued “Everybody mistook to him be a nice boy. He had ditched many innocent girls and spoiled their lives.”
Anvita felt an acute pain in her heart and said “I will be back. I need to check something” and went inside her room.
She closed the door and sat down. She was too surprised to react.
A phone rang in her purse, making her jerk. It was from her husband. She picked it up hesitantly and said “Hello”
“When will you be back, I miss you so much. I can’t stay here alone. Can’t you make your trip short?” asked her husband in a pleading voice.
Anvita was lost in her thought, she hardly said anything while her husband kept on telling her how much he missed her.
She remembered how her husband pampered her, cared for her, gave her freedom to study further and work. He had been so kind to understand her situation when she wanted some alone time after her marriage. He had always stood by her. But she was always lost in thoughts of Mahesh and continuously accused God.
She was awakened and came back to her sense when she heard her husband say “I love you Anvita. Come back soon.”
Tears of happiness rolled down her soft cheek. She thanked God from the bottom of her heart to show her the right path and said “I love you too. I will come back soon.”
She reached for the letter kept in the cupboard and tore it. Let out a heavy breath and moved out of the room with a lifted heart and called out for her sons.

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